Upgrading to QPix 3.7x

Despite the inconspicuous numbering, QPix 3.7 includes significant changes that bring it up to the standards of the latest OS and 4D versions.

Things to know

QPix 3.7x still requires QuickTime. QT is part of MacOS X, but a full installation of its latest version is recommended on Windows.

QPix 3.7x requires at least 4Dv14 on Mavericks or Windows 7. Read the page on Installation to learn about things to consider when installing QPix 3.7x in your databases.

Qix 3.7x works with new license keys that require online activation. Read about license keys in the page on adding & removing license keys.

Things to do

When moving an older database to 4Dv14/15 and QPix 3.7x, make sure to do whichever of the following applies in your case:

Legacy pictures

Up until v11, 4D was using the QuickDraw PICT as its native picture format. Such legacy pictures that may still exist in your databases, could contain QuickTime-compressed data and need to be identified and updated to 4D's new picture format.

Background information and how you can use QPix 3.7x to update legacy pictures without loss of quality, can be found in this document.

QPix plug-in area
Obsolete stuff