Image Files

Commands in this group work with images stored in disk files. Image files are specified by their full path.

QPx_TestImageFile Test if a file contains valid image data
QPx_GetImageFileInfo Get the properties of an image file
QPx_GetImageFileColorSpace Get the color space of an image
QPx_GetImageFileColorProfile Get the color profile of an image
QPx_GetImageFileEmbeddedThumb Get the thumbnail enbedded in an image file
QPx_CreateImageFileThumbnail Create high-quality thumbnail of an image file
QPx_ReadImageFileInPicture Read an image file into a 4D picture variable
QPx_ExportImageFile Save an image file in another file format
QPx_ExportImageFileToBLOB Export an image file in another format into a BLOB
QPx_GetImageFileTagContainer Extract the tags container from an image file