QPix provides extended acquisition capabilities, supporting all modern image acquisition standards:


QPix organizes all acquisition standards into three acquisition protocols:


QPix provides the following acquisition features:


QPx_AcqTestProtocol Test the availability of an acquisition protocol
QPx_AcqGetDeviceList Get all devices available to an acquisition protocol
QPx_AcqSelectDevice Display the device selection dialog for an acquisition protocol
QPx_AcqGetPicture Acquire a single image into a 4D picture variable
QPx_AcqGetSingleImage Acquire single image to disk file
QPx_AcqGetMultipleImages Acquire multiple images to disk files
QPx_AcqRunSession Run an acquisition session
QPx_AcqSetImageFolder Specify the storage location of acquired images
QPx_AcqGetImageFolder Get the storage location of acquired images
QPx_AcqSetNotificationHandler Specify the device notification handler
QPx_AcqGetNotificationHandler Get the device notification handler