Error codes

qpx_noErr 0 No error
qpx_paramErr -50 Parameter error
qpx_userCancelErr -128 User canceled the selection
qpx_memFullErr -108 Out of memory
qpx_nilHandleErr -109 A memory handle (blob) is nil
qpx_fnfErr -43 File not found
qpx_nsvErr -35 No such volume
qpx_dupFNErr -48 Duplicate file name
qpx_dirNFErr -120 Directory not found
qpx_dskFullErr -34 Disk is full
qpx_fileBusyErr -47 The file is busy
qpx_cDepthErr -157 Illegal color depth value
qpx_badCompSel 0x80008002 Bad component selector - command not supported by the component.
qpx_gestaltUnknownErr -5550 Unknown Gestalt
qpx_gestaltUndefSelectorErr -5551 Undefined Gestalt selector
qpx_cantFindHandlerErr -2003 Can't find handler
qpx_cantOpenHandlerErr -2004 Can't open handler
qpx_badComponentTypeErr -2005 Bad component type
qpx_noMediaHandlerErr -2006 No media handler
qpx_noDataHandlerErr -2007 No data handler
qpx_codecErr -8960 The codec component returned an error
qpx_noCodecErr -8961 The designated codec was not found
qpx_codecBadDataErr -8969 Bad data was passed to the codec
qpx_codecDataVersErr -8970 The codec does not support this kind of data
qpx_compDllLoadErr -2091 Component DLL load error
qpx_compDllEntryNotFoundErr -2092 Component DLL entry not found
qpx_qtmlDllLoadErr -2093 QTML DLL load error
qpx_qtmlDllEntryNotFoundErr -2094 QTML DLL entry not found
qpx_qtmlGlueDllNotFoundErr 65537 QTMLGlue.dll not found
qpx_qtmlGlueVersionErr 65538 QTMLGlue.dll version error
qpx_QuickTimeVersionErr 65541 QuickTime version error
qpx_urlDataHHTTPProtocolErr -2129 HTTP protocol error
qpx_urlDataHHTTPNoNetDriverErr -2130 No network driver for HTTP
qpx_urlDataHHTTPURLErr -2131 URL error
qpx_urlDataHHTTPRedirectErr -2132 HTTP redirection error
qpx_urlDataHFTPProtocolErr -2133 FTP protocol error
qpx_urlDataHFTPShutdownErr -2134 The FTP server has closed the connection
qpx_urlDataHFTPBadUserErr -2135 User name rejected by FTP server
qpx_urlDataHFTPBadPasswordErr -2136 User password rejected by FTP server
qpx_urlDataHFTPServerErr -2137 FTP server error
qpx_urlDataHFTPDataConErr -2138 FTP data connection error
qpx_urlDataHFTPNoDirectoryErr -2139 FTP no directory
qpx_urlDataHFTPQuotaErr -2140 FTP quota error
qpx_urlDataHFTPPermissionsErr -2141 FTP permissions error
qpx_urlDataHFTPFilenameErr -2142 FTP filename error
qpx_urlDataHFTPNoNetDriverErr -2143 No network driver for FTP
qpx_urlDataHFTPBadNameListErr -2144 Bad name in FTP session
qpx_urlDataHFTPNeedPasswordErr -2145 Password error in FTP session
qpx_urlDataHFTPNoPasswordErr -2146 Password error in FTP session
qpx_urlDataHFTPServerDisconErr -2147 FTP server disconnected
qpx_urlDataHFTPURLErr -2148 Bad FTP URL
qpx_commandStatusErr -29201 The command cannot be executed
qpx_twainLoadErr -29301 Could not load the TWAIN library
qpx_twainFailureErr -29302 TWAIN operation failure
qpx_twainSourceCapErr -29303 The selected TWAIN device does not support the operation
qpx_demoExpiredErr -29001 The demo version has timed out
qpx_couldntGetRequiredComponent -9405 The specified acquisition protocol is missing, or the specified device failed to handle some request
qpx_eventNotHandledErr -9874 Special error to return from an event handler when the handler has received an event it doesn't currently want (or isn't able) to handle.
qpx_tagNotFound -2026 The specified image tag was not found