QPx_SetImporterFrameIndex(importerRef; importerRef):error
importerRef Longint Graphics importer reference
frameIndex Longint Frame index
error Longint Error result

Set the current frame in a multi-frame image

The graphics importer instance is specified by importerRef. If importerRef is not a reference to a valid graphics importer instance, error qpx_paramErr is returned.

Parameter frameIndex specifies the frame index. The frame index ranges from 1 to the total number of frames in the image. The default frame index is 1.

NOTE When working with multi-frame images, all importer commands apply to the "current" frame.

A frame index value of zero (0) is usually equivalent to one (1), unless the importer treat the zero value in a special way (some do).

Related commands

QPx_GetImporterFrameIndex Get the current frame of a multi-image image
QPx_CountImporterFrames Get the number of frames of a multi-frame image