QPx_SetAreaImporter(areaRef; areaRef):error
areaRef Longint QPix area reference
importerRef Longint Reference to the importer to be used by the area
error Longint Error result

Assign a graphics importer instance to a QPix area

The graphics importer reference importerRef must be a valid importer instance created with one of the importer creation commands (QPx_NewImporterForFile, QPx_NewImporterForData, QPx_NewImporter).

If the importer instance is succesfully assigned, the area takes its ownership. This means that you don't have to call QPx_FreeImporter to destroy the importer instance; it will be freed up when the area is destroyed by 4D or when another command changes the area's content.

NOTE This is a low-level command that also belongs to QPix's Graphics Importer commands.


   // Assign an importer to a QPix area



$error:=QPx_SetAreaImporter (gQPixArea;gQPixImporter)

If ($error#qpx_noErr)
      // Handle the error
End if 

Related commands

QPx_GetAreaImporter Get a reference to the graphic importer used by a QPix area