QPx_SetAreaFlags(areaRef; areaRef):error
areaRef Longint QPix area reference
areaFlags Longint Area flags
error Longint Error result

Configure various options of a QPix plug-in area

The QPix plug-in area is specified by areaRef. If areaRef is not a valid QPix plug-in area reference, qpx_paramErr is returned.

Parameter areaFlags is a set of flags. Construct it by bitwise "OR" of any of the flag constants. Alternatively, you can set or clear individual bits of the areaFlags parameter using 4D's "Bit set" (?+) and "Bit clear" (?-) bitwise operators. Use the flag constants to address specific flags:

qpx_ModifiableFlag 2 Modifiable area content
qpx_TabableFlag 3 Tabbable area
qpx_DisplayNaturalSizeFlag 4 Display natural size of hi-res images
qpx_HideHorzScrollFlag 5 Hide horizontal scrollbar
qpx_HideVertScrollFlag 6 Hide vertical scrollbar
qpx_ModifiableMask 4 Mask for modifiable area property
qpx_TabableMask 8 Mask for tabbable property
qpx_DisplayNaturalSizeMask 16 Mask for natural size property
qpx_HideHorzScrollMask 32 Mask for hiding horizontal scrollbar
qpx_HideVertScrollMask 64 Mask for hiding vertical scrollbar


   // Set area to modifiable



$error:=QPx_SetAreaFlags (gQPixArea;$areaFlags)

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QPx_GetAreaFlags Get various configuration options of a QPix plug-in area