QPx_OpenTagContainer(tagContainerRef; tagContainerRef):error
tagContainerRef Longint Tag container reference
tagContainer BLOB Tag container data
error Longint Error result

Open a tag container

This command opens a tag container BLOB and returns a reference number. This reference is used by other tag commands to access information about the tags in the container .

Parameter tagContainerRef receives the tag container reference number.

Parameter tagContainer is the tag container to be opened. The tag container BLOB can be retrieved with QPx_GetImageFileTagContainer when working with image files, or QPx_GetImporterTagContainer when using graphics importers.

After finishing working with the tag container you must call QPx_CloseTagContainer to release the memory allocated by QPx_OpenTagContainer.

Related commands

QPx_CloseTagContainer Close a tag container
QPx_GetTagInstances Retrieve all tags in a tag container