QPx_NewImporterForURL(importerRef; importerRef):error
importerRef Longint New graphics importer reference
imageURL Text URL to the image
error Longint Error result

Create a graphics importer from a URL

The reference to the importer instance is returned in the importerRef parameter. QPix calls QuickTime to identify the image and create an instance of the proper graphics importer. QuickTime iterates over all available importers, checking the importer type and flags, until it finds an importer that can handle the specified graphics file. If the specified file format is not supported by any importer, importerRef is set to 0 and the qpx_paramErr error code is returned.

This reference can be used with all QPix commands in this group to refer to the graphics importer instance and its associated data.

If imageURL is empty, QPix presents a URL selection dialog where the user can type or paste a URL, or select a recently visited URL from a popup menu. If the user provides a URL, it is returned in imageURL. If the user cancels the dialog, error qpx_userCancelErr is returned.

This command supports QuickTime's http://, ftp://, and file:// URL schemes.

Possible network-related errors:

qpx_urlDataHHTTPProtocolErr -2129 HTTP protocol error
qpx_urlDataHHTTPNoNetDriverErr -2130 No network driver for HTTP
qpx_urlDataHHTTPURLErr -2131 URL error
qpx_urlDataHHTTPRedirectErr -2132 HTTP redirection error
qpx_urlDataHFTPProtocolErr -2133 FTP protocol error
qpx_urlDataHFTPShutdownErr -2134 The FTP server has closed the connection
qpx_urlDataHFTPBadUserErr -2135 User name rejected by FTP server
qpx_urlDataHFTPBadPasswordErr -2136 User password rejected by FTP server
qpx_urlDataHFTPServerErr -2137 FTP server error
qpx_urlDataHFTPDataConErr -2138 FTP data connection error
qpx_urlDataHFTPNoDirectoryErr -2139 FTP no directory
qpx_urlDataHFTPQuotaErr -2140 FTP quota error
qpx_urlDataHFTPPermissionsErr -2141 FTP permissions error
qpx_urlDataHFTPFilenameErr -2142 FTP filename error
qpx_urlDataHFTPNoNetDriverErr -2143 No network driver for FTP
qpx_urlDataHFTPBadNameListErr -2144 Bad name in FTP session
qpx_urlDataHFTPNeedPasswordErr -2145 Password error in FTP session
qpx_urlDataHFTPNoPasswordErr -2146 Password error in FTP session
qpx_urlDataHFTPServerDisconErr -2147 FTP server disconnected
qpx_urlDataHFTPURLErr -2148 Bad FTP URL

NOTE When done working with an importer instance, you must destroy it by calling QPx_FreeImporter (unless you have assigned the importer to a QPix area, in which case its destruction will be handled by the area).


   // Create an importer for an image referenced by a URL



$error:=QPx_NewImporterForURL (gQPixImporter;$imageURL)

If ($error=qpx_noErr)
      //Importer created successfully
End if