QPx_GetTagInstanceText(tagContainerRef; tagContainerRef; tagContainerRef; tagContainerRef):error
tagContainerRef Longint Tag container reference
tagID Longint Tag ID
tagText Text Tag data
tagElements Array text Tag elements (optional)
error Longint Error result

Get the data of a specific tag as text

Parameter tagContainerRef is the tag container reference number.

Parameter tagID is the ID of tag for which to return the data.

Parameter tagText receives the tag data. If the specified tag is a multi-element tag, tagText will contain a concatenation of all tag elements.

The optional tagElements parameter is a text array that receives all tag elements. If the specified tag is not a multi-element tag, tagElements will contain a single tag element.

If the specified tag is not present in the tag container, tagText is set to an empty string, tagElements is resized to zero elements, and the command returns error qpx_tagNotFound.

Related commands

QPx_GetTagInstanceInfo Get the number of data elements of a specific tag