QPx_GetImporterEmbeddedThumb(importerRef; importerRef):error
importerRef Longint Reference to a graphics importer instance
thumbPict Picture Embedded thumbnail
error Longint Error result

Get the embedded thumbnail from an image

The graphics importer instance is specified by importerRef. If importerRef does not refer to an existing graphics importer instance, the qpx_paramErr error code is returned.

If the image contains an embedded thumbnail, it is returned in thumbPict. Otherwise, thumbPict is set to empty picture.

Image formats that support embedded thumbnails are: Exif JPEG, TIFF, FlashPix, and PhotoCD.

Related commands

QPx_CreateImporterThumbnail Create high-quality thumbnail from image data associated with an importer
QPx_GetImporterFrameType Get the type of a frame in a multi-frame image