QPx_GetImageFileTagContainer(imagePath; imagePath):error
imagePath Text Full path to image file
tagContainer BLOB Tag container data
error Longint Error result

Extract the tags container from an image file

The tags container is a BLOB containing all tags included in the source image.

The imagePath parameter contains the full pathname to the image file. If imagePath is empty, QPix presents a file selection dialog where the user can preview and select an image file. If the user selects a file, its full pathname is returned in imagePath, otherwise error qpx_userCancelErr is returned.

Parameter tagContainer receives a block of data containing all image tags in a binary form.

To work further with tags, use the dedicated group of image tag commands.

Related commands

QPx_GetImporterTagContainer Extract the tag container from the image associated with an importer
QPx_OpenTagContainer Open a tag container