QPx_GetAreaCmdStatus(areaRef; areaRef; areaRef):error
areaRef Longint QPix area reference
cmdNumber Longint Command number
cmdStatus Longint Command status
error Longint Error result

Get the status of a QPix plug-in area command

The QPix plug-in area is specified by areaRef. If areaRef is not a valid QPix plug-in area reference, qpx_paramErr is returned.

Parameter cmdNumber specifies the command whose status will be retrieved.

Parameter cmdStatus receives a value that describes the status of the command. This value is a bitwise "OR" combination of the following constants:

qpx_CmdStatusEnabled 1 Command is enabled
qpx_CmdStatusChecked 2 Command is checked

QPix defines the following constants for identifying commands (parameter cmdNumber):

qpx_CmdAbout 0x1000 About QPix... menu item
qpx_CmdImport 0x0001 Import... menu item
qpx_CmdImportURL 0x0002 Import URL... menu item
qpx_CmdAcquire 0x0003 Acquire... menu item
qpx_CmdExport 0x0004 Export... menu item
qpx_CmdRevert 0x0005 Revert menu item
qpx_CmdImageInfo 0x0006 Image Info... menu item
qpx_CmdPageSetup 0x000A Page Setup... menu item
qpx_CmdPrint 0x000B Print... menu item
qpx_CmdPrefs 0x000F Preferences... menu item
qpx_CmdCut 0x0102 Cut menu item
qpx_CmdCopy 0x0103 Copy menu item
qpx_CmdPaste 0x0104 Paste menu item
qpx_CmdClear 0x0105 Clear menu item
qpx_CmdCrop 0x0106 Crop menu item
qpx_CmdSelectAll 0x0107 Select All menu item
qpx_CmdFlipHorz 0x0202 Flip->Horizontal menu item
qpx_CmdFlipVert 0x0203 Flip->Vertical menu item
qpx_CmdRotate180 0x0302 Rotate->180° menu item
qpx_CmdRotate90CW 0x0303 Rotate->90° CW menu item
qpx_CmdRotate90CCW 0x0304 Rotate->90° CCW menu item
qpx_CmdRotate 0x0305 Rotate->Arbitrary... menu item
qpx_CmdInvert 0x0401 Invert menu item
qpx_CmdFilter 0x0402 Filter... menu item
qpx_CmdFilterAgain 0x0403 Filter again menu item
qpx_CmdImageSize 0x0501 Image Size... menu item
qpx_CmdZoomIn 0x0601 Zoom In menu item
qpx_CmdZoomOut 0x0602 Zoom Out menu item
qpx_CmdNormalSize 0x0603 Normal Size menu item
qpx_CmdZoom6 0x0604 6 % zoom popup menu item
qpx_CmdZoom12 0x0605 12 % zoom popup menu item
qpx_CmdZoom25 0x0606 25 % zoom popup menu item
qpx_CmdZoom50 0x0607 50 % zoom popup menu item
qpx_CmdZoom100 0x0608 100 % zoom popup menu item
qpx_CmdZoom200 0x0609 200 % zoom popup menu item
qpx_CmdZoom400 0x060A 400 % zoom popup menu item
qpx_CmdZoom800 0x060B 800 % zoom popup menu item
qpx_CmdZoom1600 0x060C 1600 % zoom popup menu item
qpx_CmdPointerTool 0x0801 Pointer tool popup menu item
qpx_CmdMarqueeTool 0x0802 Marquee tool popup menu item
qpx_CmdZoomTool 0x0803 Zoom tool popup menu item
qpx_CmdHandTool 0x0804 Hand tool popup menu item
qpx_CmdGotoPage 0x0701 Goto page...
qpx_CmdPrevPage 0x0702 Goto previous page
qpx_CmdNextPage 0x0703 Goto next page
qpx_CmdFirstPage 0x0704 Goto first page
qpx_CmdLastPage 0x0705 Goto last page
qpx_CmdQTInfo 0x1001 QuickTime Information... menu item
qpx_CmdZoomToFit 0x060F Zoom to fit menu item

Related commands

QPx_DoAreaCommand Execute a QPix plug-in area command