QPx_FlipPicture(pictVar; pictVar):error
pictVar Picture Picture variable
flipMode Longint How the picture should be flipped
error Longint Error result

Flip a picture variable horizontally and/or vertically

The source picture is passed in the pictVar parameter. The source picture may be compressed or uncompressed. The flipped picture is also returned in the pictVar parameter and is always uncompressed. If an error occurs, pictVar is set to an empty picture.

The flipMode parameter denotes how the picture will be flipped. flipMode accepts the following constants and values:

qpx_FlipHorizontal 1 Horizontal flipping
qpx_FlipVertical 2 Vertical flipping
qpx_FlipBoth 3 Horizontal and Vertical flipping


   // Flip gOriginalPicture horizontally and get
   // the result in gFlippedPicture




$error:=QPx_FlipPicture ($pict;$flipMode)

If ($error=qpx_noErr)
End if