QPx_FlipAreaImage(areaRef; areaRef):error
areaRef Longint QPix area reference
flipMode Longint How the image should be flipped
error Longint Error result

Flip the image in a QPix area horizontally and/or vertically

The QPix plug-in area is specified by areaRef. If areaRef is not a valid QPix plug-in area reference, qpx_paramErr is returned.

The flipMode parameter denotes how the image should be flipped. flipMode accepts the following constants and values:

qpx_FlipHorizontal 1 Horizontal flipping
qpx_FlipVertical 2 Vertical flipping
qpx_FlipBoth 3 Horizontal and Vertical flipping


   // Frip area image horizontally


$error:=QPx_FlipAreaImage (gQPixArea;qpx_FlipHorizontal)