QPx_DoFilterSettingsDialog(filterSettings; filterSettings; filterSettings; filterSettings):error
filterSettings BLOB Filter settings
filterType Text Filter type, optional
samplePict Picture Sample picture, optional
filterList Array text List of filters, optional
error Longint Error result

Display the standard QuickTime filter dialog

This command displays the standard filter dialog and allows the user to select a filter and change its parameters. The selected filter and associated parameters are returned in a BLOB. If the user cancels the dialog, qpx_UserCancelErr is returned.

Parameter filterSettings receives the selected filter and associated parameters as a BLOB. This BLOB can be passed to the QPx_FilterPicture command that will apply the filter using these settings.

Parameter filterType receives the four-character identifier of the selected filter (optional).

Parameter samplePict specifies a picture that will be used as a sample in the filter dialog (optional).

Parameter filterList can be used to restrict user selection to specific filters. If filterList is omitted, all available filters are included in the dialog. To specify a list of filters, populate the filterList array with the 4-character type identifiers of the filters that you want listed (optional).

For a list of all all available QuickTime filters, call the QPx_GetFilterList command.

NOTE The BLOB parameter returned by this command is a filter settings BLOB that can be further passed to commands that accept such a parameter. The structure of this BLOB is private to QuickTime and cannot be constructed or altered with 4D BLOB commands.


   // Display the filter settings dialog, and save
   // the selected filter type and settings in a record


$error:=QPx_DoFilterSettingsDialog ($settings;$filterType)

If ($error=qpx_noErr)
   CREATE RECORD([FilterSettings])
   SAVE RECORD([FilterSettings])
End if 

Related commands

QPx_FilterAreaImage Apply a filter to the image in a QPix area
QPx_FilterPicture Apply a filter to a picture
QPx_GetFilterList Get a list of available QuickTime filters