QPx_DoExportSettingsDialog(exportType; exportType):error
exportType Text Export type
exportSettings BLOB Export settings
error Longint Error result

Display the export settings dialog for a specific file type

Parameter exportType specifies the export file type.

Parameter exportSettings specifies settings for the export dialog, and receives updated settings after the user accepts the dialog. Not all export formats support settings dialogs. If the specified export format does not support settings dialogs, the command returns error qpx_badCompSel.

NOTE The structure of this BLOB is known as a QuickTime Atom Container and cannot be easilly parsed, constructed, or altered with 4D BLOB commands. To fiddle with the settings BLOB, use the plug-in QTAtoms.bundle that is included in the QPix distribution package.

To get the list of avaliable export formats, call the QPx_GetExportTypes command (and file format constants).


   // Display the TIFF export settings dialog, and export
   // a picture with the specified settings


$error:=QPx_DoExportSettingsDialog (qpx_TIFFFile;$settings)

If ($error=qpx_noErr)
   $destPath:="Macintosh HD:image.tiff"
   $error:=QPx_ExportPicture ($picture;$destPath;qpx_TIFFFile;$settings)
End if 

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