QPx_CreatePictureThumbnail(sourcePict; sourcePict; sourcePict; sourcePict; sourcePict; sourcePict):error
sourcePict Picture Picture variable
thumbnailPict Picture The thumbnail picture
targetWidth Longint Target width of thumbnail
targetHeight Longint Target height of thumbnail
thumbnailDepth Longint Thumbnail depth (optional)
thumbnailOptions Longint Thumbnail options (optional)
error Longint Error result

Create a high-quality thumbnail from a picture

The source picture is passed in the sourcePict parameter.

The thumbnail is returned in the thumbnailPict picture variable.

Target dimensions for the thumbnail are specified by targetWidth and targetHeight, and need not be proportional to the original; QPix will automatically downscale the image proportionally to fit the target dimensions. This command cannot be used for upscaling.

Thumbnail pixel depth is specified in the thumbnailDepth parameter. The optional pixelDepth parameter must be in the 0...40 range (values greater than 32 denote grayscale). If omitted or set to zero, QPix will use the original pixel depth (recommended).

The thumbnailOptions optional parameter can be used to specify additional options for the thumbnail creation. The following constants can be combined with bitwise "OR".

qpx_ThumbWithProgress 0x0001 Display progress dialog during long thumbnail creation operations.
qpx_ThumbStandardQuality 0x0004 Create a standard quality thumbnail. Faster than the default high quality operation.

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