QPx_CreatePDFFile(pdfFilePath; pdfFilePath; pdfFilePath):error
pdfFilePath Text Full pathname to the output PDF file
sourceImages Array Array of source images
optionFlags Longint Options
error Longint Error result

Create a PDF file from individual images

The output file is specified by pdfFilePath. The output file may not already exist, but its containing folder path must be valid. If pdfFilePath points to an existing file, the latter will be replaced by the new file. If pdfFilePath is empty, a file selection dialog is presented.

The input images are specified by the sourceImages parameter (an array). If sourceImages is a text array, each element of the array must contain the full pathname to a source image file. If sourceImages is a picture array, each element of the array contains the source picture for the corresponding PDF page.

The optionFlags parameter can specify options for the PDF creation operation. It can be a bitwise "OR" combination of the following constants:

qpx_PDFShowProgress 0x0001 Display a progress dialog
qpx_PDFInsertAllPages 0x0002 Insert all pages from multi-page source files
qpx_PDFCreateThumbnails 0x0008 Generate page thumbnails. The max thumbnail dimensions are set to 256 x 256 by default. These can be changed through the /pdf/gen/thumb-width and /pdf/gen/thumb-height plug-in options.

Related commands

QPx_CreatePDFBLOB Create a PDF BLOB from individual images