QPx_CreatePDFBLOB(pdfBLOB; pdfBLOB; pdfBLOB):error
sourceImages Array Array of source images
optionFlags Longint Options
error Longint Error result

Create a PDF BLOB from individual images

Parameter pdfBLOB receives the output PDF BLOB.

The input images are specified by the sourceImages parameter (an array). If sourceImages is a text array, each element of the array must contain the full pathname to a source image file. If sourceImages is a picture array, each element of the array contains the source picture for the corresponding PDF page.

The optionFlags parameter can specify options for the PDF creation operation. It can be a bitwise "OR" combination of the following constants:

qpx_PDFShowProgress 0x0001 Display a progress dialog
qpx_PDFInsertAllPages 0x0002 Insert all pages from multi-page source files
qpx_PDFCreateThumbnails 0x0008 Generate page thumbnails. The max thumbnail dimensions are set to 256 x 256 by default. These can be changed through the /pdf/gen/thumb-width and /pdf/gen/thumb-height plug-in options.

Related commands

QPx_CreatePDFFile Create a PDF file from individual images