QPx_AcqGetMultipleImages(acqProtocol; acqProtocol; acqProtocol; acqProtocol):error
acqProtocol Longint Acquisition protocol ID
deviceName Text Device name
acquiredImages Array text Full pathnames to the acquired image files
sessionOptions Longint Acquisition options (optional)
error Longint Error result

Acquire multiple images to disk files

Parameter acqProtocol specifies the protocol through which to acquire the image. Use one of the acquisition protocol ID constants:

qpx_AcqTWAINProtocol 1 TWAIN identifier
qpx_AcqPictureTransferProtocol 2 Picture Transfer Protocol identifier
qpx_AcqVideoProtocol 4 Video acquisition protocol identifier

Parameter deviceName specifies the device from which to acquire the images. To get all device names for a specific protocol, use the QPx_AcqGetDeviceList command. Alternatively, the QPx_AcqSelectDevice command can be used to let the user select the acquisition protocol and device.

After successful acquisition, QPx_AcqGetMultipleImages returns qpx_NoErr and parameter acquiredImages receives the full paths to the acquired images. If the user cancels the acquisition dialog, error qpx_userCancelErr is returned. If the user canceled while the acquisition was in progress, parameter acquiredImages receives the full pathnames to the images that were acquired up to that point.

Default location of files: acquired images are saved in the 4D datafile folder when running under single-user 4D, and in the application folder when running under 4D Client. Call QPx_AcqSetImageFolder to change the location.

The optional parameter sessionOptions can be used to specify acquisition options. It can be a bitwise "OR" combination of the following constants:

qpx_AcqHideDeviceGUI 0x00000200 Hide the device acquisition GUI (if supported).
qpx_AcqTWAINEnableADF 0x00010000 Enable the use of the Automatic Document Feeder on TWAIN scanners (if supported). This option and qpx_AcqTWAINEnableTPU are mutually exclusive.
qpx_AcqTWAINEnableTPU 0x00100000 Enable the use of the Automatic Document Feeder on TWAIN scanners (if supported). This option and qpx_AcqTWAINEnableADF are mutually exclusive.
qpx_AcqTWAINEnableDuplex 0x00020000 Enable duplex scanning with TWAIN scanners (if supported). This option is valid only when qpx_AcqTWAINEnableADF is also specified.
qpx_AcqPTPDeleteAfter 0x00040000 Delete the image on the PTP digital camera after acquisition (if supported).

NOTE Not all protocols and devices support multi-image acquisition:

NOTE Not all protocols and devices support acquisition with the device dialog hidden:

Related commands

QPx_AcqGetSingleImage Acquire single image to disk file
QPx_AcqGetPicture Acquire a single image into a 4D picture variable
QPx_AcqGetDeviceList Get all devices available to an acquisition protocol
QPx_AcqSelectDevice Display the device selection dialog for an acquisition protocol
QPx_AcqSetImageFolder Specify the storage location of acquired images