QPx_AcqGetDeviceList(acqProtocol; acqProtocol):error
acqProtocol Longint Acquisition protocol ID
deviceNames Array text Array of device names
error Longint Error result

Get all devices available to an acquisition protocol

Parameter acqProtocol is the protocol whose device list is requested. Use one of the acquisition protocol constants:

qpx_AcqTWAINProtocol 1 TWAIN identifier
qpx_AcqPictureTransferProtocol 2 Picture Transfer Protocol identifier
qpx_AcqVideoProtocol 4 Video acquisition protocol identifier

Parameter deviceNames (text array) receives the names of all devices available to acqProtocol.

If the specified protocol is not available, error qpx_couldntGetRequiredComponent is returned.

Related commands

QPx_AcqTestProtocol Test the availability of an acquisition protocol
QPx_AcqSelectDevice Display the device selection dialog for an acquisition protocol