Error codes

qmed_noErr 0 No error
qmed_paramErr -50 Parameter error
qmed_userCancelErr -128 User canceled the selection
qmed_memFullErr -108 Out of memory
qmed_fnfErr -43 File not found
qmed_nsvErr -35 No such volume
qmed_dupFNErr -48 Duplicate file name
qmed_dirNFErr -120 Directory not found
qmed_dskFullErr -34 Disk is full
qmed_cDepthErr -157 Illegal color depth value
qmed_badCompSel 0x80008002 Bad component selector - command not supported by the component.
qmed_gestaltUnknownErr -5550 Unknown Gestalt
qmed_gestaltUndefSelectorErr -5551 Undefined Gestalt selector
qmed_cantFindHandlerErr -2003 Can't find handler
qmed_cantOpenHandlerErr -2004 Can't open handler
qmed_badComponentTypeErr -2005 Bad component type
qmed_noMediaHandlerErr -2006 No media handler
qmed_noDataHandlerErr -2007 No data handler
qmed_codecErr -8960 The codec component returned an error
qmed_noCodecErr -8961 The designated codec was not found
qmed_codecBadDataErr -8969 Bad data was passed to the codec
qmed_compDllLoadErr -2091 Component DLL load error
qmed_compDllEntryNotFoundErr -2092 Component DLL entry not found
qmed_qtmlDllLoadErr -2093 QTML DLL load error
qmed_qtmlDllEntryNotFoundErr -2094 QTML DLL entry not found
qmed_qtmlGlueDllNotFoundErr 65537 QTMLGlue.dll not found
qmed_qtmlGlueVersionErr 65538 QTMLGlue.dll version error
qmed_QuickTimeVersionErr 65541 QuickTime version error
qmed_commandStatusErr -29201 The command cannot be executed
qmed_badDataElementRef -40001 Invalid DICOM data element reference
qmed_badElementItemIndex -40002 Element item index is out of range
qmed_noElementDataErr -40003 The data element is empty (data size is 0)
qmed_badElementTypeErr -40005 The data element type is incompatible
qmed_badParentElementType -40006 Parent element is not a sequence

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