QMed_TestImage(imagePath; imageType):error
imagePath Text Full path to image file
imageType String4 Image type
error Longint Error result

Tests if a file contains image data.

If imagePath is a file that contains valid image data, imageType is set to a graphic file format identifier (a non empty string) and returns qmed_noErr. If the file is not an image file, the imageType is set to an empty string and the qmed_paramErr error is returned. To get a list of all supported formats, call the QMed_GetImportTypes command.

If imagePath parameter is invalid, a file system error is returned. If imagePath is empty, QMedical presents a file selection dialog where the user can preview and select an image file. If the user selects a file, its full pathname is returned in imagePath, otherwise error qmed_userCancelErr is returned.


  `Test a DICOM image
$imagePath:="Hard disk:images:CR-MONO1-10-chest.dcm"
$error:=QMed_TestImage ($imagePath;$imageType)
If ($error=qmed_noErr)
 Case of
  : (($imageType="DICM") | ($imageType="DCM "))
    `Handle DICOM file
 End case
End if

Related commands

QMed_GetImportTypes Returns the list of available import types

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