QMed_SetAreaScrollOffset(areaRef; hScroll; vScroll):error
areaRef Longint QMedical area reference
hScroll Longint Horizontal scroll offset (pixels)
vScroll Longint Vertical scroll offset (pixels)
error Longint Error result

Changes the scroll offsets of a scrollable QMedical plug-in area. Use this command for procedural positioning of the scrollbar thumbs.

The QMedical plug-in area is specified by areaRef. If areaRef is not a valid QMedical plug-in area reference, qmed_paramErr is returned.

Parameters hScroll and vScroll specify the horizontal and vertical scroll offsets respectively. Both values range from zero to the maximum scroll offsets that can be retrieved using QMed_GetAreaScrollOffset.


  `Reset scrollbars to 0, 0
$error:=QMed_SetAreaScrollOffset (gAreaRef;0;0)

Related commands

QMed_GetAreaScrollOffset Returns the scroll offsets of a scrollable QMedical plug-in area

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