QMed_GetImportTypes(importTypes; aliasTypes; importNames; mimeTypes; fileExtensions):error
importTypes Array string Importer primary types
aliasTypes Array string Importer alias types
importNames Array string Importer names
mimeTypes Array string Importer MIME types
fileExtensions Array string Importer file extensions
error Longint Error result

Returns information on the file types that can be imported.

All information is returned in the arrays passed as parameters. For each available graphics import component, a row in the set of arrays denotes the following:

importTypes The primary file type for images recognized by the importer (e.g. "BMPf")

aliasTypes A comma-separated list of aliases of the primary file type (e.g. "BMP ,BMPp")

importNames The verbose name of the import component (e.g. "Windows BMP Image")

mimeTypes A comma-separated list of MIME types for the supported images (e.g. "image/x-bmp")

fileExtensions A comma-separated list of file extensions for the supported images (e.g. "bmp,dib")


ARRAY STRING(4;gImportTypes;0)
ARRAY STRING(63;gImportAliasTypes;0)
ARRAY STRING(63;gImportNames;0)
ARRAY STRING(255;gImportMime;0)
ARRAY STRING(63;gImportExtensions;0)
$err:=QMed_GetImportTypes (gImportTypes;gImportAliasTypes;gImportNames;gImportMime;gImportExtensions)

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