QMed_GetExportTypes(exportTypes; exportNames; mimeTypes; fileExtensions):error
exportTypes Array string Export types
exportNames Array string Export names
mimeTypes Array string Mime types
fileExtensions Array string File extensions
error Longint Error result

Returns information on the file types that can be exported.

All information is returned in the arrays passed as parameters. For each export file format, a row in the set of arrays describes the following:

exportTypes The file type for the exported image (e.g. "8BPS")

exportNames The name of the file format (e.g. "Photoshop")

mimeTypes The MIME type for the export format (e.g. "image/x-photoshop")

fileExtensions The file extension for the export format (e.g. "psd")


ARRAY STRING(4;gExportTypes;0)
ARRAY STRING(63;gExportNames;0)
ARRAY STRING(255;gExportMime;0)
ARRAY STRING(63;gExportExtensions;0)
$err:=QMed_GetExportTypes (gExportTypes;gExportNames;gExportMime;gExportExtensions)

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