QMed_GetElementDataAsText(imageRef; elementRef; itemIndex; elementData):error
imageRef Longint Reference to the image
elementRef Longint Element reference
itemIndex Longint Item index
elementData Text Element data
error Longint Error result

Returns the content of a data element item as text.

The DICOM image file is specified by imageRef. If imageRef is not a valid image reference, error qmed_paramErr is returned. If imageRef is a valid image reference but the image is not in the DICOM format, error qmed_badComponentType is returned.

Parameter elementRef specifies the data element. The element reference must have been previously obtained with a call to QMed_GetElements or QMed_FindElement. If elementRef is not a valid element reference, error qmed_badDataElementRef is returned.

Parameter itemIndex specifies the item index whose data is to be returned. The item index must be greater than 0 and less than or equal to the number of items (multiplicity) of the data element, otherwise error qmed_badElementItemIndex is returned.

Parameter elementData receives the element data casted to text.

The data element types (value representations) supported by this command are listed in the following table. All other types trigger a qmed_badElementTypeErr error.

qmed_UnsignedShortVR 25 Unsigned short (2 bytes fixed)
qmed_SignedShortVR 19 Signed short (2 bytes fixed)
qmed_UnsignedLongVR 23 Unsigned long (4 bytes fixed)
qmed_SignedLongVR 17 Signed long (4 bytes fixed)
qmed_FloatingPointSingleVR 8 Single precision floating point (4 bytes fixed)
qmed_FloatingPointDoubleVR 9 Double precision floating point (8 bytes fixed)
qmed_DateVR 5 Date (8 or 10 bytes fixed)
qmed_TimeVR 21 Time (16 bytes max)
qmed_DateTimeVR 7 Date and time (26 bytes max)
qmed_IntegerStringVR 10 Integer string (12 bytes max)
qmed_DecimalStringVR 6 Decimal string (16 bytes max)
qmed_ShortStringVR 16 Short string (16 chars max)
qmed_LongStringVR 11 Long string (64 chars max)
qmed_ShortTextVR 20 Short text (1024 chars max)
qmed_LongTextVR 12 Long text (10240 chars max)
qmed_ApplicationEntityVR 1 Application entity (16 bytes max)
qmed_CodeStringVR 4 Code string (16 bytes max)
qmed_PersonNameVR 15 Person name (64 chars max)
qmed_UniqueIdentifierVR 22 Unique identifier (64 bytes max)
qmed_AgeStringVR 2 Age string (4 bytes fixed)
qmed_UnlimitedTextVR 26 Unlimited text (up to 2^32 - 2 chars)

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