QMed_GetAreaToolset(areaRef; areaTools):error
areaRef Longint QMedical area reference
areaTools Longint Area tools
error Longint Error result

Returns the configuration of the tools popup menu of a scrollable QMedical plug-in area.

The QMedical plug-in area is specified by areaRef. If areaRef is not a valid QMedical plug-in area reference, qmed_paramErr is returned.

Parameter areaTools receives a value that describes the tools of the plug-in area. The received value is a set of flags that can be tested for specific tools by bitwise "and" of any of the mask constants. Alternatively, you can test individual bits of the areaTools parameter using 4D's "Bit test" (??) bitwise operator. Use the tool constants to address specific tools:

qmed_PointerTool 0 Pointer tool
qmed_MarqueeTool 1 Marquee tool
qmed_ZoomTool 2 Magnifying lens (zoom) tool
qmed_HandTool 3 Free scrolling (hand) tool
qmed_VOITool 4 VOI tool
qmed_PixelValueTool 5 Pixel value tool
qmed_PointerMask 1 Mask for pointer tool
qmed_MarqueeMask 2 Mask for marquee tool
qmed_ZoomMask 4 Mask for zoom tool
qmed_HandMask 8 Mask for hand tool
qmed_VOIToolMask 16 Mask for VOI tool
qmed_PixelValueToolMask 32 Mask for pixel value tool


  `Add zoom tool to the plugin area tools
$error:=QMed_GetAreaTools (gAreaRef;$areaTools)
If ($error=qmed_noErr)
  $areaTools:=$areaTools ?+ qmed_ZoomTool
  $error:=QMed_SetAreaTools (gAreaRef;$areaTools)
End if

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QMed_SetAreaToolset Configures the tools popup menu of a scrollable QMedical plug-in area

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