QMed_FindElement(imageRef; parentElementRef; groupID; elementID; elementRef):error
imageRef Longint Reference to the image
parentElementRef Longint Parent element reference
groupID Longint Group number
elementID Longint Element number
elementRef Longint Element reference
error Longint Error result

Returns the reference number for a particular element at a given level of the DICOM data hierarchy, identified by its group and element number.

The DICOM image file is specified by imageRef. If imageRef is not a valid image reference, error qmed_paramErr is returned. If imageRef is a valid image reference but the image is not in the DICOM format, error qmed_badComponentType is returned.

Parameter parentElementRef is the reference number of a sequence data element, specifying the level in the DICOM data hierarchy. If parentElementRef is not a valid element reference, error qmed_badDataElementRef is returned. If parentElementRef is a valid element reference but the element is not a sequence, error qmed_badParentElementType is returned. To search at the top level of the hierarchy, set parentElementRef to 0.

Parameters groupID and elementID specify the group and element numbers of the data element respectively.

Parameter elementRef receives the reference number of the found data element. If the specified data element is not found, elementRef is set to 0.

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