QMed_DoExportMovieSettingsDlg(imageRef; movieType; exportSettings):error
imageRef Longint Image reference
movieType String4 Reference to the image
exportSettings BLOB Export settings
error Longint Error result

Displays the movie export settings dialog for a specific image, and allows the user to set the export parameters.

Parameter imageRef is the reference to the source image.

Parameter movieType specifies the export movie type. Currently, it can be either "MooV" for QuickTime movies, or "VfW " for AVI movies (note the space at the end).

The exportSettings parameter specifies settings for the export dialog, and receives updated settings after the user accepts the dialog.

Note: The structure of this BLOB is private to QuickTime and cannot be constructed or altered with 4D BLOB commands.

Related commands

QMed_ExportMovie Exports an image to a movie
QMed_ExportAreaMovie Exports the image from a QMedical plug-in area to a movie

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