QMed_CountImageFrames(imageRef; numFrames):error
imageRef Longint Reference to the image
numFrames Longint Number of frames
error Longint Error result

Some file formats may contain multiple frames in a single image file. With QuickTime 4 or later fully installed, QMedical supports the following multi-frame file formats:

This command returns the number of frames contained in the image that is referenced by imageRef. If imageRef is not a valid image reference, error qmed_paramErr is returned.

Parameter numFrames receives the number of frames.

Note: Depending on the image format, individual frames may have different characteristics (width and height, depth, etc).

Related commands

QMed_SetImageFrameIndex Changes the current frame of a multi-frame image
QMed_GetImageFrameIndex Returns the current frame of a multi-frame image

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