imageRef Longint Reference to the image
error Longint Error result

Destroys an image reference and releases all memory allocated to it.

The image reference to be destroyed is passed in imageRef.

As a rule, you should use this command after you have finished working with an image reference that was created with QMed_OpenImage.

Attention: The only exception is when the image reference was assigned to a QMedical plug-in area with the QMed_SetAreaImage command. In this case the image reference is "owned" by the plug-in area and it will be freed when the area is destroyed by 4D or when another command changes the area content.


  `Destroy the image reference
$error:=QMed_CloseImage (gImageRef)
If ($error # qmed_noErr)
   `Handle the error
End if

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QMed_OpenImage Opens the image stored in a file

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