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Step 3: Action!

Having a valid movie reference ($movieRef) you can go ahead and assign the movie to the plug-in area xMovie with this code:

To start the movie you can either use the movie controller buttons, if the controller and its needed parts are visible, or you can control playback programmatically. QMedia has commands that allow you to start, step and stop the movie, get the movie's preferred rate and sound volume (defined by the author), etc through code.

You can start the movie with the following command (notice that this command uses the area reference to denote the movie that will be played):



    $err:= QM_Play(xMovie)


The full syntax of the QM_Play command also allows you to set the playback rate as a second parameter. If you do not specify any particular rate, the movie will play at its normal (preferred) rate, the one set by its author.

To step the movie forward or backward use QM_Step. To stop the movie use QM_Stop.