QMediaLight 1.5


Licensing notes


This page attempts to explain the meaning of a few basic concepts of licensing. This page is not a legal document! Please refer to the full text of the License Agreement for any product that you intend to purchase and do not hesitate to contact Escape Sales if there is something you don't understand.

Developing and testing: the Developer license

The Developer License is good for developing and testing your databases. You have no deployment rights with the Developer license!

If you need more developers to develop simultaneously on 4D Server, you should purchase the desired number of Server Expansions (see below).

Single-user deployment: the plug-in Runtime and Engine licenses

When you have finished developing and testing your application and you are ready to pass it on to the end-user for single-user deployment, you must purchase a Runtime license. The plug-in's Runtime license is required each time:

A plug-in Runtime license is required for each copy of the deployed application.

To massively distribute a single-user application (eg. on CDs or via public download) you must purchase a plug-in Engine license. The plug-in Engine license gives you the right to deploy many single-user applications in many copies each, thus being equivalent to an unlimited number of Runtime licenses. The Engine license is handier and cheaper if you plan to deploy a single-user application more than a few times.

The presence of a Developer license for the respective platform is required.

Client/Server: the Server Expansion license

To use a plug-in in client/server (either for developing or for deploying) you need to purchase:

Server Expansions are installed on the server machine by means of the Escape Licenses Manager window.