Installing QMediaLight 1.6

QMediaLight is available as a plug-in bundle for MacOS X (Universal Binary) and Windows.


License registration

QMediaLight 1.6 requires QMediaLight 1.5 license keys (it will not work with earlier keys). Visit www.escape.gr/q/q_order.html for pricing information.

Update your QuickTime installation

A full installation of the latest version of QuickTime 6 or later is recommended.

Plug-in files installation

QMediaLight comes in the bundle plug-in format. There are no separate files for Mac, Win32, and Win64; just the cross-platform plug-in bundle that shows up as a package on Mac or as a folder on Windows.

0QLM.bundle will provide its services to all Escape plug-ins in your Plugins folder.

QTMLGlue.dll is required if 4D/4D Server is running on Windows, and may be omitted if the database runs only on Mac OS X.

Compatible Escape plug-in versions

If your database uses more Escape plug-ins, make sure to use coordinated plug-in versions. Versions you should use with QMediaLight 1.6 are: