Movie properties commands

This set of commands allows you to access the basic properties of a movie.

QMedia allows access to more movie properties than the ones listed here; other command sets also deal with movie properties pertinent to their nature.

QM_IsVRMovie Checks if the movie is a QTVR movie.
QM_GetMovieDimensions Returns the movie's natural width and height.
QM_SetSoundVolume Sets the movie's sound volume.
QM_GetSoundVolume Returns the movie's sound volume.
QM_GetRate Returns the movie's current playback rate.
QM_SetSelection Sets the movie's current selection.
QM_GetSelection Returns the movie's current selection.
QM_GetMovieCreationTime Returns the movie's creation date and time.
QM_GetMovieModificationTime Returns the movie's modification date and time.

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