Movie instance commands

The way for referring to a movie in QMedia is through a movie instance.

The movie instance is an opaque structure in memory, through which QuickTime refers to a movie. Opaque (as opposed to transparent) means that you don't know what's in this structure and you don't really need to. The only thing you will need to know each time you access or manipulate a movie, is the magic long integer that is the reference to the movie instance.

A movie instance contains the structure of a movie, but not the movie data themselves. It holds, for example, the number and properties of the tracks that make up the movie. The actual content (media data) of these tracks are stored in the movie file.

Movie instances are handled using the following QMedia commands:

QM_NewMovieFromFile Creates a movie instance from a movie file.
QM_NewMovieFromURL Creates a movie instance from a movie file.
QM_FreeMovie Frees a movie instance.

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