Movie file commands

These commands allow you to work with movie files. They are commands at the operating system level with a specialization for movie files, similar to 4D's document handling commands.

Single vs Dual Fork movies

Single-fork movies store their movie resource in the data fork, while dual-fork movies store this information in their resource fork. The resource fork is specific to the Macintosh, so dual-fork movies are not cross-platform. Movies created with QMedia are always single-fork, so they can be ported safely across platforms, as well as delivered on the Internet.

Self-contained vs Multiple-file movies

QuickTime movies may refer to media in other files. A movie that does not depend on other files is self-contained. Movies resulting from editing with QMedia are always self-contained.

Those commands of this group that require a media file pathname will present the standard file selection dialog if passed an empty pathname. This makes them a complete interface element for selecting files as well.

QM_TestMovieFile Tests if a file contains valid movie data.

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