QMediaLight Movie area commands


QM_SetControllerPartVisible(areaRef; controllerPart; partVisible):error
areaRef Longint Movie area reference
controllerPart Longint Controller part
partVisible Longint Controller part visibility
error Longint Error result

Controls the visibility of a specific movie controller part in a movie plug-in area.

The movie plug-in area is specified by areaRef.

Parameter controllerPart specifies a controller part.

The part's visibility is controlled by the partVisible parameter. If partVisible is set to 1, the controller part is made visible. If partVisible is 0, the controller part is hidden.

QMedia defines the following constants for specifying controller parts.

qm_MCMovieFrame 1 The movie frame
qm_MCStepButtons 2 The step buttons
qm_MCSpeakerButton 3 The speaker button
qm_MCCustomButton 4 The custom button
qm_VRBackButton 16 The back button of the VR controller
qm_VRZoomButtons 17 The zoom buttos of the VR controller
qm_VRHotSpotButton 18 The hotspot button of the VR controller
qm_VRTranslateButton 19 The translate button of the VR controller
qm_VRHelpText 20 The display of help text in the VR controller
qm_VRHotSpotNames 21 The display of hotspot names in the VR controller


  `Hide the speaker button
$error:=QM_SetControllerPartVisible (xMovieArea;qm_MCSpeakerButton;0)

Related commands

QM_GetControllerPartVisible Returns the visibility status of a specific movie controller part.

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