QMediaLight Movie instance commands


QM_NewMovieFromURL(movieRef; movieUrl):error
movieRef Longint Movie reference
movieUrl Text Movie URL
error Longint Error result

Creates a movie instance from a movie file and returns a reference to the instance.

The movie reference is returned in the movieRef parameter. Unless the movie instance is later assigned to a movie plug-in area, it must be freed (when no longer needed) with a call to the QM_FreeMovie command.

Parameter movieUrl is the fully qualified (including protocol) URL to the movie. If movieUrl is invalid, a network error is returned. If movieUrl is empty, QMedia presents the URL selection dialog where the user can type the URL. If the user cancels the dialog, error qm_userCancelErr is returned.


  `Create a new movie reference from a url
$err:=QM_NewMovieFromURL ($movie;$url)

Related commands

QM_NewMovieFromFile Creates a movie instance from a movie file.
QM_FreeMovie Frees a movie instance.

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