QMediaLight System info commands


versionString String8 QTVR version
error Longint Error result

Returns an encoded string value that expresses the QuickTime VR version number:

1F = final, B = beta, A = alpha, D = development
2-3-4Internal number
5-6Version number
7Update number
8Revision number

For example, the string "F0000210" stands for the final release of version 2.1.

If QuickTime VR is not installed, an error code is returned and versionString is set to empty.


$err:=QM_GetQuickTimeVRVersion ($QuickTimeVRVersion)
If (Num(Substring($QuickTimeVRVersion;5))
 $errMsg:="QMedia requires QuickTime VR 2.1 or later."
End if

Related commands

QM_GetQuickTimeVersion Returns the QuickTime version.

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