QMediaLight Annotation commands


QM_GetMovieAnnTypes(movieRef; annTypes):error
movieRef Longint Movie reference
annTypes Array string Annotation types
error Longint Error result

Returns the annotation types of all annotations present in a movie.

Parameter movieRef is the reference to the movie instance. The movie reference must have been previously obtained with a call to QM_NewMovieFromFile or QM_NewMovieFromURL.

Parameter annTypes is an array of four character strings that receives the annotation types.

QMedia defines the following constants for identifying common annotation types:

qm_ArtistAnn "呸RT" Artist name annotation
qm_AuthorAnn "奄ut" Author name anotation
qm_CommentAnn "妾mt" Comment annotation
qm_CopyrightAnn "妾py" Copyright annotation
qm_CreationDateAnn "妻ay" Creation date annotation
qm_DescriptionAnn "妻es" Description annotation
qm_DirectorAnn "妻ir" Director annotation
qm_DisclaimerAnn "妻is" Disclaimer annotation
qm_NameAnn "姊am" Name annotation
qm_HostAnn "姑st" Host annotation
qm_InformationAnn "姆nf" Information annotation
qm_MakeAnn "姓ak" Make annotation
qm_ModelAnn "姓od" Model annotation
qm_OriginalFormatAnn "妹mt" Original format annotation
qm_OriginalSourceAnn "孟rc" Original source annotation
qm_PerformersAnn "妳rf" Performers annotation
qm_ProducerAnn "妳rd" Producer annotation
qm_ProductAnn "周RD" Product annotation
qm_SoftwareAnn "孟wr" Software annotation
qm_RequirementsAnn "姅eq" Requirements annotation
qm_WarningAnn "定rn" Warning annotation
qm_WriterAnn "定rt" Writer annotation
qm_EditDate1Ann "委d1" Edit date 1 annotation
qm_EditDate2Ann "委d2" Edit date 2 annotation
qm_EditDate3Ann "委d3" Edit date 3 annotation
qm_EditDate4Ann "委d4" Edit date 4 annotation
qm_EditDate5Ann "委d5" Edit date 5 annotation
qm_EditDate6Ann "委d6" Edit date 6 annotation
qm_EditDate7Ann "委d7" Edit date 7 annotation
qm_EditDate8Ann "委d8" Edit date 8 annotation
qm_EditDate9Ann "委d9" Edit date 9 annotation
qm_AlbumAnn "奄lb" Album title annotation


 ARRAY STRING(4;$annotationTypes;0)
 $err:=QM_GetMovieAnnTypes ($movie;$annotationTypes)

Related commands

QM_GetMovieAnnotation Returns a text annotation from a movie.

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