QMediaLight Movie area commands


QM_GetLooping(areaRef; loopInfo):error
areaRef Longint Movie area reference
loopInfo Longint Movie looping info
error Longint Error result

Returns the looping property of the movie controller in a movie plug-in area.

The controller's looping propery defines how the movie assigned to the area will be played:

The movie plug-in area is specified by areaRef and the looping information is returned in loopInfo.

QMedia defines the following constants for specifying looping options.

qm_NoLooping 0 No looping. The movie plays from start to end and then stops.
qm_NormalLooping 1 Normal looping. The movie plays in a continous loop from start to end.
qm_PalindromeLooping 2 Palindrome looping. The movie plays continously from start to end, then backwards from end to start and so on.


  `Get current looping of plug-in area xMovieArea
$error:=QM_GetLooping (xMovieArea;$enabled)

Related commands

QM_SetLooping Sets the looping property.

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