QMediaLight Movie area commands


QM_GetBadgeUsage(areaRef; useBadge):error
areaRef Longint Movie area reference
useBadge Longint Badge usage
error Longint Error result

Returns the badge usage property of the movie controller in a movie plug-in area.

If badge usage is 1, the area displays a small badge when the movie controller is hidden. The user can click on the badge to show the controller. If badge usage is 0, the badge is not displayed when the controller is hidden. In that case the user has no way to show the movie controller.

The movie plug-in area is specified by areaRef.

Parameter useBadge receives the controller's badge usage.


  `Get the badge usage of area xMovieArea
$error:=QM_GetBadgeUsage (xMovieArea;$badgeUsage)

Related commands

QM_SetBadgeUsage Sets the badge usage property.

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