QMedia v1.5

Using QMedia

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This tutorial section will guide your first steps with QMedia by presenting some typical sessions with the plug-in. Working with QMedia is easy, but you should keep in mind that QuickTime, a vast, extremely powerful and sophisticated technology, is hiding behind the curtain.

This section presents basic operations that you will want to do with QMedia. After you have mastered the basics, you can get deeper in the details of movie editing and you can start working on your new, creative ideas. One thing is for sure: your 4D applications will never again be the same…

Playing back movies

In this section we describe in three easy steps how you can set up a movie area on a 4D form and play back a movie in it. Keep in mind that this movie can be any media type supported by QuickTime, including QTVR, audio, music, etc.:

Preparing for Internet Delivery

If you will use QMedia to create or edit movies that might need to be delivered to the QuickTime borwser plug-in for Netscape or IE, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

Sequence Grabbing

QMedia supports video and audio grabbing by means of the QuickTime sequence grabber. Grabbing has specific requirements in hardware and software that you have to observe. After you set up your computer for grabbing purposes, go through the backgrounder page that explains how the grabbing procedure is done, and how different components of QuickTime work together when grabbing. Finally, go through the grabber example in the QMedia demo database; this example contains all the code that you need to write in order to implement a grabber in your 4D application.