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Introducing QuickTime

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Movie Controller Properties

Type A four character code that identifies the kind of the movie controller.
Visible Controls the visibility of the controller.
Parts A set of interface elements that make up the controller. Each part can be made independently visible or hidden.
Keys enabled Controls if the movie controller responds to key strokes.
Drag enabled Controls if the movie controller allows dragging of the movie to the Macintosh desktop in order to create a movie clipping file. This feature is supported only on MacOS.
Editing enabled Controls if the movie controller allows the user to change the movie's current selection and edit the movie with clipboard operations (cut/copy/paste/clear/undo).
Looping Controls if a movie loops when it reaches the end. This property can be set to not loop the movie, loop the movie, or loop back and forth.
Play selection Controls if movie playback is constrained to the current selection.
Play all frames QuickTime may decide to skip frames during playback in order to keep up with the designated playback rate. By setting this property to 1, you will force QuickTime to not skip frames. In that case the movie will play with no sound, possibly at a lower rate than the designated value.
Badge Controls the display of a small icon in the lower left part of the movie. If this property is set to 1, QuickTime displays the badge when the controller is hidden. The user can click on the badge to display the movie controller.