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Introducing QuickTime

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QuickTime allows you to manipulate time-based data using a metaphor of the cinematic movie. As a result, QuickTime stores time-based data in objects called movies. The movie is QuickTime’s universal multimedia container.

Similarly to a real (cinematic) movie, the QuickTime movie can contain different media, e.g. video and sound. A single QuickTime movie can contain more than one stream of data.

Following the movie metaphor, each of these data streams is called a track. Tracks in QuickTime movies do not actually contain the movie’s data. Rather, each track contains references to the actual data, which may reside on disks, CD and DVD volumes, other appropriate storage, or the Internet.

QuickTime does many things and QMedia can take you deep inside the amazing universe of multimedia database software. There’s much to read about QuickTime and you are strongly advised to take the plunge. This section provides basic notions and terminology that are absolutely needed to start integrating media into your applications.

In this introduction to QuickTime basics, you can learn about:

For further information visit QuickTime’s site: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/