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Introducing QuickTime

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Editing Movies

Movie editing is the process that changes elements (properties or data) of a movie. Editing can be done either by the end-user, or under program control.

End-user editing is usually done using the movie controller, on a movie being displayed in a plug-in area. This kind of editing consists in changing the current selection, and in using clipboard operations from the Edit menu to cut, copy, paste and clear movie segments.

End-user editing can be allowed or blocked by the developer.

Programmatical editing is not done through direct menu actions, but with 4D code. This is a powerful possibility offered by QMedia, and it can be performed at various levels:

Editing movies is itself a very powerful feature. What makes QMedia unique in this respect is the possibility to pump media data out of the database to create and edit movies dynamically.

A sound knowledge of QuickTime is the basic prerequisite of all kinds of sophisticated media content manipulations.