VR movie commands

Attention: these commands work only with a movie assigned to a movie plug-in area.

QM_ShowDefaultView Shows the default view of a VR movie.
QM_SetCurrentNode Sets the current node of a VR movie.
QM_GetCurrentNode Returns the current node of a VR movie.
QM_GetNodes Returns the IDs of all nodes.
QM_GetNodeInfo Returns node information.
QM_GetHotSpots Returns the IDs of all hot spots in a node.
QM_GetHotSpotInfo Returns hot spot information.
QM_GetLinkHotSpotTarget Returns the target node ID a link hot spot.
QM_GetURLHotSpotTarget Returns the target URL of a URL hot spot.
QM_SetPanAngle Sets the current pan angle.
QM_GetPanAngle Returns the current pan angle.
QM_GetPanAngleRange Returns the pan angle range.
QM_SetTiltAngle Sets the current tilt angle.
QM_GetTiltAngle Returns the current tilt angle.
QM_GetTiltAngleRange Returns the tilt angle range.
QM_SetFieldOfView Sets the current field of view.
QM_GetFieldOfView Returns the current field of view.
QM_GetFieldOfViewRange Returns the field of view range.
QM_SetViewCenter Sets the current view center.
QM_GetViewCenter Returns the current view center.
QM_GetViewCenterRange Returns the view center range.
QM_Nudge Turns the current view one step at a specified direction.

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